Travel Cancellation Expenses Insurance

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With the travel cancellation expenses insurance the travel cancellation costs and the costs for a travel termination of a cruise are insured for all named persons participating in the cruise. The insurance period is from the beginning of the insurance till the end of the jouney. The arrival and the departure as well as eventual additional bookings (hotel accomodations by the arrival and/or departure) can be co-insured on request. In this way you can insure yourself as a skipper as well as your crew if you or your crew members cannot take place in the cruise booked or if you have to cancel the cruise due to , for example, severe accidental injuries, severe illness, inoculation incompatibility or pregnancy.

Our travel cancellation expenses insurance does not only come into effect if your health is restricted. Unforeseen events which make a travel termination necessary just as, for example, fire and a break-in in your apartment are also covered.

Not least your working life is also been considered. In this way you have the possibility to withdraw from the journey in the case of a termination of the employment as well as if you start a new employment.


Simply calculate the insurance premium

The insurance premium of our charter travel cancellation expenses insurance is only 4 % of the voyage costs. Should you have booked a voyage for, for example, 3.500 Euro the insurance premium to be paid for the charter travel cancellation expenses insurance is 140,- € (3.500 € x 0,04 = 140,- €)

With the online calculator as well as in the Skipper&Crew-application form as PDF the calculation takes place automatically.