Extended Professional Skipper Liability Insurance

The advanced professional skipper liability insurance covers the legal liabilit insurance of the policy holder as a professional skipper/guide of a yacht of up to 100 tons. The Coverage is 5.000.000,- EUR as a lump sum for personal injuries and property damage. The total sum for all insurance cases of a year is twice of sum insured.


Co-insured is:

  • Damage at the yacht operated in the case of proven gross negligence
  • Liability claims among the total crew
  • In the case of seizure at a foreign port securities up to 50.000,- EUR
  • Claims of the owner for losses of charter revenues due to caused great damage at the yacht up to sum of 17.500,- EUR

The extended professional skipper liability insurance is subsidiary insurance, that means it comes into effect if the existing liability insurance does not cover the damage.