Extended Third-Party Insurance for private Skippers

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As a skipper of a foreign yacht you will be shown the greatest confidence by the crew and the yacht owner. Both, your competence as well as your sense of responsibility are the prerequisite for the job.

While others relax and enjoy the cruise, you must always be concentrated or remain witted. Cool-headed you need to make quick decisions in precarious situations, which can also end up determinded in many situations.

The lake has sometimes its own laws, but also human errors by third parties can not be influenced by the responsible skipper.

Boats usually have liability insurances. Nevertheless, it often happens that a yacht liability or comprehensive insurance  does not pay in certain cases or are inadequate amounts of coverage or the scope of the contract. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you take an extended skipper liability insurance from the group of EIS charter insurance. From our own experience we know what the skipper and his crew in the worst case can come during the charter trips.

Co-insured risks by the extented skipper third-liability insurance

Additionally to the personel, legal liability insurance of the responsible skipper and crew especially the further risks are co-insured:

  • the legal liability insurance for the towing of water-skiers
  • the usage of dinghies with up to 20 PS
  • Damage at the yacht chartered due to gross negligence by the policy holder
  • Security payment up to 50.000 EUR per insurance year in case of seizure of the yacht in a foreign harbour

Clear price model

The costs due for the extended third-party-insurance are structured and very cheap for the coverage content included. Three criterias lead to the respective boat charge:

  • Type of boat (Sail- oder Motorboat)
  • Length of boat (<=10m or >10m)
  • Insurance sum desired (3.000.000 € or 6.000.000 €)
  Sailing yachts   Motor- & Sailing yachts  
  3.000.000 € 6.000.000 € 3.000.000 € 6.000.000 €
up to 10m lenghts 65,- € 77,- € 72,- € 88,- €
more than 10m lenghts 90,- € 110,- € 115,- € 130,- €

Examples of the advanced skipper liability insurance from our skipper & crew insurance package

Already a few examples illustrate why each skipper should have an extended skipper liability insurance.

Liability claims of third parties on the yacht liability coverage beyond

While arriving in the marina of Marmaris the skipper overlooks another incoming yacht, a collision occurs. The liability insurance sum of the charter yacht is not enough to pay for the damage caused to the stricken yacht.

This coverage gap is closed by our extended skipper liability insurance - people and property losses up to 3.000.000 EUR or 6.000.000 EUR and financial losses up to 100.000 EUR are covered.

Should the yacht be placed after such a loss event in the foreign port to the chain, "according to a required security deposit of up to 50.000 EUR automatically covered under our enhanced skipper liability insurance.

Claims of your crew with each other

While on a cruise around Mallorca the charter yacht capsizes in a storm. A crew member can not be saved. Meanwhile, relatives sue the skipper because he supposedly failed to notice shallows. The Yacht Liability insurance does not cover the claims of the crew against the skipper.

Again, within the context of the contract our crew insurance extended skipper liability insurance with personal injury, property injury and property damage (over 150 EUR) to 2.000.000 EUR, unless they are caused by a fault of another crew member or the skipper.

Damage caused by gross negligence of the skipper

The yacht insurance refuses to pay the damage to the chartered yacht due to gross negligence. The owner requires you to compensation for such damage .

Such damage events are under an officially proven gross negligence of the insured up to the sum of 550.000 EUR covered under our charter insurance EIS advanced skipper Liability insurance with a deductible of 2.500 EUR after deposit.

If a fixed return result Charter must be canceled by a debt from you harm, because the yacht is not timely from the boatyard, the proven loss of charter expanded our EIS charter insurance skipper liability insurance up to 20.000 EUR insured, where the first three day charter failure go as deductible at your expense.

Our expanded skipper liability insurance covers as your contractor the charges against you claims and wards off false claims.

Protect yourself and your co-insured crew members before incalculable risks through our Charter Insurance Advanced skipper liability insurance.

The extended Skipper's liability insurance has a term of one year , which is automatically renewed upon application. During the policy year there is coverage for ship tours / chartering up to a total of six weeks , which need not appear before. On request, the insurance coverage can also be extended for longer journey time .